Caregiver Stress

If you are a Family Caregiver for a Loved One, the demands of your job can be intense.  The physical work can be stressful at times.  More than that, the knowledge that you are responsible for the care and well being of your Loved One adds increased stress.    You may be looking for Tips on Reducing Caregiver Stress Sometimes certain tools, techniques or therapies may help.  However,  many times the caregiver stress reduction you seek is as simple as finding someone who understands what you are going through and is willing to listen.

A Supportive Person Willing to Listen

How can a person who will lend a willing ear help? On first impression, this sounds over simplistic.  But finding a person who is currently walking in your shoes is completely different. Someone that understands what you are going through and will actually take the time to listen.  In our experience, this combination is unusual, and when it happens, it is much appreciated.  In our private Facebook group (get access:, we see posts from Family Caregivers on a continual basis.  Most are not looking for a quick-fix or even a tip. They are just looking for a supportive individual who knows what they are going through and is willing to listen.

Most Family Caregivers are not medically educated and have no specific training on how to care for a declining Loved One.  They are just people, who live very full lives, then suddenly find themselves thrust into a new and unfamiliar world that they don’t understand.  This is the world of caregiving.

They Forge Ahead with the Best of Intentions

Despite their lack of knowledge or training as to how to properly care for a declining Loved One, they forge ahead with the best of intentions. These caregivers did not choose this new-found profession, yet they spend many hours per day working to provide care for another individual.  They are usually the spouse or adult child of a declining Senior. These are typically uncompensated hours of heart-felt effort that are expended for the benefit of their beloved parent or spouse.  The are only motivated by Love!

In most cases, the Family Caregiver did not know (on the front end) what they were “signing up for”.  All they knew was that their parent or spouse (1) had suffered a health crisis; (2) needed some help; (3) they dearly love this person; and (4) will do whatever it takes to provide the best care possible for their Loved One.

Download Free Tip Sheet To Reduce Caregiver Stress

If the above paragraphs describe you, then download the tip sheet below called 7 Tips for Overworked and Stressed Out Family Caregivers.  This Free Tip Sheet gives some great tips on reducing caregiver stress.  Family Caregivers can hold it all together while seeing that their Loved one gets the best care possible.

As another source of support, please remember to join our newly formed Caregiver Support Academy.  This membership group includes a closed, private Facebook group that facilitates community support for Family Caregivers. The support and encouragement between Family Caregiver members of this group is inspiring.  Each group member knows intuitively what the other is going through. They are walking in the same shoes at the same time.  I have seen very few places where such support and encouragement is virtually available 24 X 7.

The purpose of the Caregiver Support Academy Member Group is to provide a safe place for Family Caregivers. You can share tips, joys, sorrows, what-worked, what-didn’t and positive words of encouragement with each other.  Our goal is to have a judgment-free, positive-feedback-only group. This will uplift and help those who are walking the same journey as you.

If you would like to receive a little more information about the group, please go to today for information. We hope to see you there.



About the Author

Doug & his wife Cindy have not only helped hundreds of families with their estate planning and elder law needs over the years, but have personal experience as caregivers and advocates for their Loved Ones as well.

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