Traveling Arkansas: Nursing Home Tour

A few years ago, a local TV personality had a show where he traveled the state and closed out each segment with “This is Chuck Dovish, Traveling Arkansas.”  Chuck wasn’t riding with me yesterday, but in his honor, I was keeping the tradition alive by literally traveling Arkansas.  

Spending time Traveling Arkansas

Chuck went to scenic locations and photographed stunning landscapes. I, however, traveled to seven different Nursing Homes to meet with various Nursing Home folks.  However, my tour allowed me to reconnect with some very nice folks in various parts of the state. They are all doing their part to provide care for aging Seniors who need help.  Most every person that I meet says that they never want to go to a Nursing Home. However, when a person really needs 24/7 skilled care, I’m very thankful that there are places that can provide this level of care to all who need it.

Since I’ve been in the business of Elder Law for over 30 years, I’ve been in many Nursing Homes and have visited with many family members who have a Loved One in a Nursing Home.  Every time I’m out in the field, it reinforces a few facts of life that I wanted to share with those of you who declining Senior in your life for which you are getting close to making a Nursing Home decision:  

  1. Is the Nursing Home really necessary?
  2. Have you considered everything?
  3. Are the proper assessments done?

Is the Nursing Home really necessary?

Does your Loved One really need to be in a Nursing Home?  In every Nursing Home I visit, I see people there who really need to be there.  These folks are receiving a much needed service. They need 24/7 skilled care in a nursing facility.  However, I see others that may have fared well at home. I wonder why some of these are ever there…

Have you considered everything?

There are many things to consider when making a “Best Place to Be” decision for your Loved One, but always make an attempt to consider:

  1. What Momma wants (if she still has capacity)
  2. How can you make this work?
  3. Family availability and willingness to serve.

Are the Proper Assessments done?

  1. Medical assessments – what does Mom’s doctor say?
  2. Family assessment – Notice how she is doing now vs. a few months ago.  What specifically is she struggling with now that she could do well previously.  If she had assistance doing these tasks could she stay at home a little while longer? Click here for more Clues that Momma may Need Help.

Next Step

If your parent is declining, carefully consider the options.  Nursing Homes provide a much needed service. When you need them, you really need them.

Hopefully these three decision making tips that I have shared with you today will help as you strive to make decisions with or for the declining Senior in your life.

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