This site is the home for a community of people who are serving as caregivers for a spouse, parents or other loved ones. Caregiving can be a lonely, thankless job! The purpose of this unique web-site is to create an on-line home where caregivers in the trenches can get good information from experts and from each other. We will feature audio and video content of leading experts who will give various caregiving tips – things you need to know to make your job easier.

If you are one of the millions of “Barraged Boomers”, which we define as frazzled Age 50 – 60 somethings who are providing some level of care for a parent at home, you are in the right place. We are very familiar with the “frazzled” stage, since we have both been there. Juggling work, your own family, your civic or church responsibilities AND providing care for a parent will definitely make one frazzled!

In the early stages, the “care” you provide may consist of just stopping by on the way home from work to check on them to make sure everything is OK. As their health declines, the care that you provide will increase in time and intensity.

No matter where you are along this life cycle continuum of care, you can find information in the pages of this site to provide help, support and encouragement. We will cover issues all along this continuum. If your parent’s health has just started to decline, you will find expert interviews with professional home care providers, therapists, nurses and geriatric physicians with tips on best practices in all of these areas. We will also have interviews with nutritionists as to healthy eating for seniors and some recipe ideas.

Down the continuum, we will have interviews with Assisted Living Providers. We will discuss what type of care is provided by an Assisted Living Facility along with how this care is normally funded.

As health declines more, we will have interviews with Skilled Care Nursing Home providers. We’ll discuss things to look for when selecting a nursing home and ways to pay for a nursing home stay. We’ll sort through various payment options and discuss the basics of Medicare, Medicaid and VA.

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Watch for the posting of our Member’s page where you can see interviews with Experts on the topics referenced above + MUCH MORE. Members will also have access to these same audio interviews sent to them on a monthly basis as well as an online print newsletter. All of this is coming soon. For now, please enjoy the free content. If you have questions or stories to contribute, please contact us at

Again, Welcome to the Help Me Help Momma Community – Welcome Home!