Mom Centered Family Meeting

If Mom is showing signs of declining health, it may be time to organize a Mom Centered Family Meeting to keep her safe, while helping her maintain as much independence as possible. A Mom Centered Family Meeting is a productive way for family members and their loved one to come together and devise the best plan to keep Momma safe and secure in her own home.

Notes concerning your Mom Centered Family Meeting

  • Before the meeting, talk to Mom and ask her opinion about how she is doing. Ask her if she feels vulnerable, or if she could use some help with her activities of daily living.
  • Ask her about her insurance, her financial situation, and the location of her legal documents such as a will or advanced directive.
  • Write as much as possible down in your Mom Centered Family Meeting Journal

Work Together

  • Decide if the meeting will be with Momma or for Momma. If your loved one can participate, the meeting should be centered around her wishes. If she is unable to participate, you will have to make decisions on her behalf.
  • Family members should work together focusing the amount of assistance each member can provide.
  • Separate fact from fiction. Look at the whole picture. Momma may have fallen one time. Maybe she forgot where she parked her car. It doesn’t mean she is ready for the nursing home.

Discuss – Don’t Confront

  • Discuss obvious signs that she needs help, such as failure to take medications on a regular basis, unexplained dents in the car, or reports from neighbors such as seeing Momma outside wearing inappropriate clothing or appearing to be lost.
  • Determine family availability and get input regarding what each family member can do to make your plan work. Maybe all your loved one needs is assistance with grocery shopping, or someone to stop in to check on her daily. She may need help with showering, or cooking.

A MOM Centered Family Meeting will help family members identify what the needs are and provide an opportunity to put a workable plan into action.

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Doug & his wife Cindy have not only helped hundreds of families with their estate planning and elder law needs over the years, but have personal experience as caregivers and advocates for their Loved Ones as well.

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